Norwell Farms Farm to Fork Dinner

We were proud to have been a part of this extraordinary night- The Farm to Fork Dinner at Norwell Farms. It was a kicking’ party with great energy, a beautiful setting, delicious food, and dangerously tasty craft cocktails. Our advice is to mark your calendars next year- You won’t want to miss it. Hats off to our friends at Norwell Farms for doing it so right.12068703_1158939747454892_44914652751743372_o   Chef Sam created a Norwell Farms Heirloom Tomato and Roasted Corn Salad with Goat Cheese Crema and Peekytoe Crab Salad, served on toasted Francese bread… a delicious taste of late summer. IMG_6289   The farmers we have to thanks for reminding us what real fruits and vegetables can taste like…. the lovely Elise and Scott Franklin, looking dashing in their decidedly unfarmer garb.   IMG_6290

Gifts from Norwell Farms

11754825_1115899995092201_9019939436676332283_o   Just look at these beauties from Norwell Farms! Lucky us. Come in to sample the squash blossoms tempura battered, with crab stuffing and a miso dipping sauce. On a side note, Rudy’s been loving’ her CSA through the farm. Every Thursday feels like Christmas morning, with little gifts from the garden… and she swears the kids were eating kohlrabi and fava beans last night. Check out all the good work they’re doing on their website, or stop by the farm on Jacob’s Lane in Norwell. 10568798_915881361760733_8824754223233046163_n   11722592_1109753559040178_8074652844251070952_o   And you can always swing by Hornstra for an ice cream on the way home, look out on the fields and think how lucky we are to live where we do.   10327036_10152406147962460_784915048_n        

Cohasset Mariner & Hingham Journal

BELBER: Scapes Spruce Up Local Fare July 1, 2015 Here at the Corner Stop, the only thing that makes us happier than bringing local farms to table is to bring school gardens to table. Our friends at Holly Hill have been doing sacred work for years getting school children’s hands dirty and and giving them an appreciation of sustainable farming. We’re proud to play a part through our composting program, feeding the earth that feeds us. Come in to taste the fruits of their labor with Walnut Crusted Halibut + Garlic Scapes + Yukon Gold Puree.  Read Jonny’s column here…  

Jon Belber, Education Director, Holly Hill Farm


We’ve got Garlic Scapes Grown at Hingham High

1619487_10153520982460757_463928582306204305_n   Janice from Holly Hill farms showed up today with a pile of garlic scapes grown at Hingham High School, making us pretty giddy… 11048698_10153520982245757_2737039666855158732_n   If you’re not familiar with garlic scapes, they’re the flower stalk of the garlic plant that are usually cut to allow the plant to focus its energy on the bulb.  Besides being nearly too pretty to eat, the garlic scapes are delicious, with a milder garlic flavor and a slight sweetness.  We’re thinking Garlic Scape Pesto for the Halibut…

Hingham Foodie: Behind the South Shore Restaurant Scene

Screen-shot-2014-08-13-at-8.30.35-AM Farm to Table Dinner at Holly Hill Featuring The Corner Stop August 12, 2014 “What do you get when you put together 2 people who love food, the community, and the environment? The Corner Stop Eatery in Cohasset! Ron and Rudy Vale pour their heart into every meal, every customer interaction and every event that they do. And when you combine that kind of good karma with a whole farm full of people who just want everybody to have access to healthy organic food, you get a Farm To Table Dinner that benefits not only the attendees, but the entire community.”  Read more…