Fiesta Like There’s No Mañana

  Cinco de Mayo falls on a Friday this year and we are ALL in. We’ll be serving up killer craft margaritas made from scratch… blood orange, blackberry and traditional… or some Liquid Sunshine. Only freshly squeezed lemons and limes go into our house made mixes (thank you, barkeeps!). You’ll not only taste the difference… but feel the difference the the next day. Chef Sam will be slinging Shrimp Ceviche, Mexican Street Corn, Bar Nachos, and Tuna Poke Tacos to help you soak up all that tequila. So come in and fiesta like there’s no mañana…

Fall Craft Cocktails


Two of our new craft cocktails: an End of Summer and Fig Fall

Yeah, it’s still officially summer… but you know you’re craving it.  Once the leaves start turning, the sweaters come out, and windows get closed, it’s fall people!  Our awesome troupe of barkeeps is mixing up a fresh batch of fall craft cocktails with everything you’re wanting this season.  And don’t worry- for those of you who prefer the suds, we’re pouring Harpoon UFO Pumpkin Ale and dolling it up with a cinnamon-sugar rim.  And why not?  Check out our latest concoctions… READ MORE